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Matt Gurney

Print and Broadcast Journalist,
Matt Gurney is a print and broadcast journalist based in Toronto. Born in that city, he grew up in its suburbs, listening to its talk-radio and fuming about the TTC. A military historian by education, Matt’s first big break in media came at the National Post, where he began writing in 2007. He inexplicably rose through the ranks there, ending his newspaper days as editor of the Post’s Comment pages and a national columnist, but never did get to write the blow-by-blow take down of 28 Weeks Later he’d always intended to. He has hosted news-focused radio programs on CJAD, CFRB and on SiriusXM’s Canada Talks channel, and has offered commentary on all the major Canadian television networks (and a few smaller ones). He credits all his success to hard work, good looks and judicious use of a time machine.

He and his wife live with their two children in Toronto. If Matt had time for hobbies, they would include reading and writing novels, consuming historical non-fiction, enjoying bad movies about the end of the world and obsessively playing the “Civilization” franchise of computer games. But since he doesn’t have that time, he’ll settle for a cold beer and 20 undisturbed minutes to watch some Netflix or maybe just stare out into space. He doesn’t play an instrument and sort of regrets that.