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Marcus Cobb

CEO and Co-Founder,
Nashville, TN, Canada
Marcus Cobb is a seasoned entrepreneur, best known as the CEO and co-founder of the online music and tech platform Jammber.com, a place where raw talent can shine. Used by top record labels such as Sony Music and Big Machine Record Labels, Jammber is becoming the tech platform to use in the entertainment industry.

Previously, Marcus Cobb has deployed a unique methodology for developing profitable businesses through technical acumen creativity, innovation and resiliency. In his many years, Marcus has started, and helped start 16 companies, and is a board member for the Illinois Technology Foundation.

At just 21 years of age, the Las Vegas Review Journal recognized Marcus as a computer prodigy. Shortly thereafter, Microsoft Consulting Services recruited him, where he acted as team lead specializing in innovative technologies. Upon leaving Microsoft, he amassed a remarkable project portfolio in excess of $1 billion dollars. He continues to leverage his unique experience in business and technology to help companies successfully configure and deliver their value proposition to their customers.

Since the start of Jammber in 2013, Marcus Cobb has combined his technological processes with his creative and musical abilities to create something unique this industry has never seen before.