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Pete Lawlor

Event Producer/Production Manager,
Veld/Digital Dreams
Toronto, ON, Canada
Pete is a veteran of the event industry with over 18 years experience and a career that has spanned special events, corporate, concerts and live festivals. As a producer with an impressive technical background, Pete has the rare skill of being able to talk specifics with suppliers. Negotiating contracts that bring unparalleled support to his projects while maintaining strong supplier and community relationships. His wealth of experience managing events with large budgets, and the challenges that come with them, have made him a leader in the industry. Achieving goals, hitting targets, and meeting budgets while lighting up social media with every project he takes on. As a Project Manager Pete and his team execute complex and large-scale events in venues and locations that others would find too intimidating to take on. Priding himself on his dedication to his craft with a strong work ethic and an ability to bring the creative and technological elements together. Pete’s calm demeanor and unique ability to multi task keeps

him focused on achieving extraordinary results while maintaining one of the best safety records in the industry. From major public art festivals to international spectacles and the largest music festivals in the country. Pete’s dedication to his projects and his team, with his unfettered innovation, is what makes him one of the most successful and sought after producers and production managers in North America. It is with this passion that Pete has recently started a new company, Level Productions Inc., to bring more creative visions to reality.

A Few Highlights:

Veld Music Festival – Festival Director – 2014 – 2016 – www.veldmusicfestival.com

Digital Dreams Music Festival – Festival Director - 2016 – www.digitaldreamsfestival.ca

Toronto Urban Roots Festival – Site Designer/Director – www.torontourbanrootsfest.com

2010 Vancouver Olympic Games – Site Manager – Robson Square Activation

Skydome/Rogers Centre – Event Production Supervisor – 2006 - 2014