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Ulises Sanher

Co Director, CEO,
Tres Vinyl
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Ulises Sanher has 15 years of experience in the musical industry. As CEO of Tres Vinyl, he is also Territorial Advisor for Mexico on behalf of the Latin American Association of Music Managers; Latin music programmer for the LATV channel (USA); Director for music site Music Beyond Music, promoting music from various territories to the world; programmer for the Tres Vinyl Stage at the music festival, Rock Por La Vida in Guadalajara, Mexico; consultant for music industry development in Panama within the MUPA Music & Arts Festival; professional development of bilateral ties through music, Director of the social campaign, Permanent Coexistence; experienced consultant on the development of internal markets through the management, skills upgrade and best practices for emerging and established music artists; Collaborator on the alternative music awards, La Canica, El Rock en Revista (Mexico); researcher on the scope and social impact of music; He has participated in conferences around the world presenting the current state of the musical ecosystem in Latin America.

Ulises is passionate and enthusiastic about music; he is a music critic and journalist and he has written reviews and articles on the industry, as well as authoring his own book, Desde El Abismo (From the Abyss), which has been published on multiple platforms.

ABOUT ROCK POR LA VIDA music festival:

Rock Por La Vida (Rock for Life) was created by Maxima FM and the SALME for the dissemination of suicide prevention. The bands do not just go up to sing, but they also give advice and positive messages through Rock.

ABOUT MUPA Music & Arts Festival (Panama):

This festival is an initiative of the Directorate of Culture and Citizen Education of the Panama Municipality, and has become the main music festival in the city, providing a solid and democratic platform for local and regional alternative music artistes to be presented to a wide audience. The Mupa Festival includes artists in concert, live entertainment and informative workshops.
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