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Matthew Yazge

Head of Brand Sponsorship,
Nielsen Music
Hollywood, CA, USA
Matt Yazge leads the Brand Partnerships team at Nielsen Music. Throughout his career at Nielsen, Matt has helped leaders in the global entertainment sponsorship marketing industry better select, implement and measure their branded music, film, fashion, and video gaming campaigns. In his current role, he helps brand advertisers activate music fans to achieve marketing objectives and drive sales. He also helps artists, festivals, and other music rights holders position the value of their audiences to prospective brand partners. Matt brings rich experience with consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and major film studios, as a former Nielsen consultant for Nestle's Wonka Candy portfolio, and leading the Nielsen’s relationship with Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Matt is also an advocate for LGBT rights and representation, and serves as a Nielsen Subject Matter Expert in LGBT research. He has penned the last three Nielsen Diverse Intelligence Articles on the LGBT Consumer.

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