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Davide Iurlano

Goodfellas Distribution
Rome, Italy
Davide Iurlano was born in the late '70s in the south of Italy. He grew up as a music lover during the 80s and 90s in Rome. He started writing for rock magazines and djing in rock clubs in the second half of the 90s. After a degree in Communication and New Media at LUMSA, he completed a master's degree at IED Roma.

Iurlano was an account manager in advertising, a PR manager for movies until 2007 when he went back to his first love: Music. He worked with Italian promoter Grinding Halt Concerti until 2014, then with Goodfellas as head of promotion (with Roberto Corsi) while cumulating many interesting experiences as a fund raiser, copy writer, tv show producer, event manager and publicist for the Villa Aperta Festival (Music Festival of the French Academy in Rome).

Contact: Davide Goodfellas

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