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Kim Owens

Editor, Researcher, Content Strategist,
Kaffeine Buzz
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Kim Owens is the editor of Kaffeine Buzz, founded in 2002 to cover new music, film, and culture. In 2013 KB’s focus shifted to emerging technologies’ impact on festival operations, as Kim merged her decades of technology, marketing, and branding expertise with her devotion to and knowledge of the music and entertainment industry. She’s spoken on these topics at a IMFCON, CMJ, XLIVE, SXSW, and General Assembly.

Conducting research and interviewing stakeholders in both the UK and the US, Kim has published numerous reports and articles on festival operations: fan-facing Wi-Fi, RFID, cashless payment, ticketing, mobile apps, beacons, brand activations, live streaming, and social fan engagement. She also contributed to the Festival Thrower’s Bible (Vendini), providing brand sponsorship insights. Her next in-depth report will present statistics and case studies around the potential for today's live streaming content creators to move further into a content marketing framework. How consumers are tuning out traditional advertising at the same time that content of all forms of content - television, film, sports, and music - is becoming available on-demand and in real time on their mobile devices. And how immersive experiences and live streaming VR are opening doors for new forms of storytelling.

Kim also provides content strategy, research, copywriting, and marketing services to a variety of clients through her Buzz Boulevard agency. When she’s not working, you’ll most likely find her at a small venue taking in an unknown act on the rise.