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Annabella Coldrick

London, UK
Annabella joined the UK’s Music Managers Forum in January 2016. MMF is the world's largest professional community of music managers with over 500 members based in the UK with global businesses and a wider network of 1700 managers in the USA. We want a fairer more transparent music industry which operates in the interest of artists and their fans. Annabella brings a wealth of experience to the role having had a career encompassing advocacy in Brussels, commercial and public affairs with Cadbury, government communications at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Head of Public Affairs at Which? and, most recently, as Director of Policy and Research at the Design Council.

The MMF UK recently published Dissecting the Digital Dollar calling for the greater transparency in the music industry to ensure artists are fairly paid in the digital age. They are also a founder and supporter of FanFair Alliance which aims restriction of ticket touting (scalping) so that real fans can see their favourite artists.