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Matthew Cohen Santorelli

CMO/Partnerships & Strategy,
Xylo Corporation / WCV
New York, NY, USA
Matthew is an expert strategist and industry liaison at the intersection of music, finance, and technology who sees opportunities, connects people with ideas, and makes things come together.

Matthew has a lifelong passion for design, technology, and innovation. An early adopter at every pivotal point, he is a member of the analog-to-digital crossover generation that knows the value of strong personal relationships as well as how to utilize the newest and most disruptive technologies in creative problem solving ways.

Currently, Matthew is the CMO at Xylo Corporation, a music-technology company with several products: Xylo Mix - a social music video platform allowing users to easily create, collaborate, and share multitrack videos. Xylo Desk - an intuitive management and communication platform for music education focusing on a model of value through removing inefficiencies in the system and allowing powerful tools to be easily accessible by all who want to learn to play music.

In addition to his work at Xylo - Matthew is an Industry Advisor and Mentor to several Technology Accelerators, Venture Funds, Music Conferences and serves as a Board Member to several successful companies. He also manages a consultancy company providing services to a handful of notable music startups, prominent individuals, and global technology companies to help guide their efforts into actionable business and partnerships.