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Amanda Power

Executive Director,
Unison Benevolent Fund
Toronto, ON, Canada
From an early age Amanda Power recognized her skills and passion for music would be best suited to a career behind the scenes — rather than one in the spotlight. Far from a disappointment, Amanda took that love of music, country music specifically, and turned it into a life-long passion and continuous contribution to the Canadian music industry.
With a natural ability to organize events, Amanda began her career while in college working with the local country radio station. After completing her Marketing diploma at Niagara College, Amanda moved to Calgary to work with CMT Canada and volunteer with the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA). Certain that her passion for the Canadian music industry would always be a driving force in her career choices, Amanda relocated to Toronto to take a position in member services with the CCMA in 2003.
In 2007, now the Manager of Awards and Events at the CCMA, Amanda decided to branch out as an independent contractor, to grow her experience and deepen her expertise in the industry. With a desire to learn as many aspects of the music business as possible, Amanda joined the team at Gibson Guitar Canada and continued to expanded her knowledge accepting contracts with CARAS/The JUNO Awards, EMI Music Canada, World Vision Canada, and Canadian Music Week, and returning periodically to CCMA as an outside expert.
Amanda began with Unison Benevolent Fund in 2015 as Development Manager, and in 2018 was appointed Executive Director by Unison’s Board of Directors. In her leadership role, Amanda brings almost two decades of experience and extensive knowledge of event management, sponsorship, marketing, promotions, and industry relations to Unison.

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