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Jasmeet Singh

Youtuber & Comedian,
Jus Reign
Toronto, ON, Canada
Jasmeet Singh who's also known by his stage name Jus Reign, is a Toronto based Youtuber, Comedian, and Actor. To this day he has amounted over 70 million views with an average of 500 000 - 1 million views per video. He is also at half a million subscribers on Youtube, over 1 million followers on vine, and has one of the largest followings on Snapchat within Canada. Jasmeet also an inspiring stand-up comedian and travels all across the world performing his act, including countries like Canada, America, UK, India, countries within Europe and Australia. In addition, Reign also has plans to partake in his own live tour that will have shows in these countries and more. Jus also has an extensive musical background as he has been trained in many different instruments in the genres of Indian Classical, Punjabi and Hip Hop/R&B. Currently Jasmeet has expanded into Film and Television such as having a main lead role in a Bollywood Film entitled 22G Tusi Ghaint Ho, as well as a role in a Canadian Film entitled The Bad Mother. Jus Reign is continually looking to grown/ expand his brand, so he can continue to push his comedy and culture to the mainstream masses, as well as keeping those who have been with him since the beginning, laughing and smiling as well.