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Paul Kaye

VP Product & Talent,
Rogers Broadcasting
Toronto, ON, Canada
Paul is an experienced media executive who has led creative teams in multiple countries and across various distribution platforms. Paul is fuelled by a passion to unlock potential and unleash creativity in both individuals and teams. In the UK he led brand and content strategies for nearly a decade and was recognized as one of the industry's 30 Under 30.

Relocating to Canada in 2012, Paul joined Newcap Radio (now Stingray) leading brand development, programming and operations in Vancouver and Calgary. He was promoted to the corporate team as National Director - Talent Development tasked with improving performance across all content teams, coaching leaders, overseeing syndication and leading talent acquisition.

In 2016, Paul joined Rogers where he holds the position of Vice President - Product & Talent. In this role, Paul has oversight of programming, talent development and brand integration for Rogers Radio’s 56 stations nationwide in all formats.

In addition, Paul works as a coach at Paul Kaye Coaching, a boutique coaching & consulting practice. Learn more at www.paulkaye.co

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