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Jonathan Wynn

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology,
University Of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA, USA
Jonathan Wynn works at the intersection of urban and cultural sociology. His two major publications are The Tour Guide: Walking and Talking New York (2011, University of Chicago Press, Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries Series) and Music/City (2015, University of Chicago Press). His work has also been published in City & Community, Qualitative Sociology, Sociological Forum, Cultural Sociology, and Contexts Magazine, and an article in Ethnography called “Hobo to Doormen: The Characters of Qualitative Analysis, Past and Present.”

His forthcoming book, Music/City: Festivals and Culture in Great American Cities, is a comparative, multi-method analysis of three music festivals (the Country Music Association Festival in Nashville, the “Dunkin Donuts” Newport Folk Festival, and the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas). The book details the interrelationship between festivals and their cities, marking how they support and exploit each other through these internationally recognized events with rich description and interviews from a wide array of key urban and cultural placemakers. The book culminates with an argument for temporary events as critical to the culture of cities and their communities.

He also working on an Urban Culture primer (co-authored with Andrew Deener) that is under contract with the Oxford University Press.

Jonathan Wynn was recently the co-editor of the ASA Culture Section Newsletter (with Claudio Benzecry and Andrew Deener) between 2011 -2014 and was a regular contributor to Everyday Sociology in 2011-2014. On campus, he serves on the Common Read Book Committee.