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Julien Simon

Vice President Music Rights and Label Relations,
San Francisco, CA, USA
After working in various roles in the music industry for years, Julien went on to develop digital strategy and sales development at BMG Music in 2004 and then at Sony Music for 4 years, with partners including iTunes, Amazon and Orange.

In 2008 Julien took the opportunity to join Deezer, an innovative and dynamic music start up, as VP Music Rights and Label Relations. After negotiations with rights holders and business partners, Deezer launched in 182 countries in 2011, offering a ad based and direct subscription services and developing partnerships with mobile carriers in almost 45 countries.

Julien moved three years ago from Deezer HQ in Paris to NYC, where Deezer launched in September 2014 with Sonos and Bose partnerships, followed by the acquisition of Stitcher company and then the replacement of Muve application with Deezer through the Cricket/AT&T network. Julien is running content strategy, covering licensing department and works closely on the business strategy here in the US.