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Billie-Jo Aasen

542 Entertainment
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Billie Jo Aasen founded 542 Entertainment in 2013 and has over 10 years of experience producing live music events. 542 Entertainment Inc. is a boutique Talent Buying & Turn-Key Festival Events company. For the same fee of using a talent agency to book talent for your festival, 542 assigns your festival a hands on representative that can fully consult on all aspects of your event – they even come to the show and run your backstage. And should you need it, 542 can build your event from the ground up and you can feel 100% confident that you have an experienced team running your business and helping to build your dream.

Aasen currently resides in Vancouver BC , as well as Nashville TN for a portion of the year. Starting her career in festivals at the age of 18 and then building her own festival from the ground up at age 23, Aasen knows what it’s like to take a risk and go for it. Her unconventional ‘get it done’ attitude has provided Aasen an organic education and extensive knowledge of festival business, along with understanding the risk. Working closely with the agencies while making the right calls for her clients, Aasen has quickly become known as a mover and shaker with in the music industry.

Aasen has her thumb on the pulse of all up and coming artists and their teams, and prides herself on identifying the next big one. “I created 542 because I saw a gap and knew that it was something the festival business needed. I’ve risked everything before and fully understand the pressure that creates. Having the right team is the key to your success. Our slogan is ‘We are not an agent on the line, we are your partner in the trenches’ and that pretty much sums it up. You succeed, we succeed .” 542 Entertainment is currently responsible for the talent buying of ten festivals and events across Canada and the production of three festivals in the US. In early 2016, 542 Entertainment acquired Extreme Mudfest with plans to expand the concept to two additional locations in early 2017