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Mathew Thomas

CEO & Founder,
New York, NY, USA
Mathew Thomas is the creator of ConcertPass, a new app that connects artists and fans. The first mobile app with rewards and an advertising platform for live events and concerts is built specifically to reward dedicated live music fans, and provide artists with fresh revenue streams so they can keep making the music their fans love.

Previously, Thomas was the CEO and founder of an innovative management firm that used strategic marketing campaigns linking artist with household brand clients, has created and promoted large-scale concert series for national acts with many performances drawing capacities of over 10,000 attendees and has created and managed on-location marketing campaigns for Delta, Cadillac, Dodge, Heineken and Vitamin Water. As a manager, Thomas has represented artists and producers with more than 23M albums sold, including Rakim, Pras (The Fugees), Richard Joo (Billy Joel), Karsh Kale, Sloth and many more. He has also worked as an events producer, producing high profile events at Sundance, the MTV Video Music Awards, SXSW, CMJ, Toronto Film Festival, Advertising Week, among many others.

Thomas and his companies have been featured in both national and international publications such as Fortune Magazine, Fortune Small Business, Forbes, The New York Times, MSNBC, among other esteemed outlets.