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Andy Lykens

Music Marketing,
Beverly Hills, CA, USA
I grew up playing piano and trombone and studied music performance in college. Right before I graduated I realized that there weren't too many people who wanted to hear me play trombone, much less pay for it, so I went to grad school and studied music business at the University of Miami in Florida. There I got incredibly interested in publishing and licensing.

After I graduated I sent my resume to pretty much every publisher I could find and wound up at a music library called Non-Stop Music opening their New York office. Warner/Chappell acquired Non-Stop after 2 years, I pitched library music a while longer, and then after a brief stint traveling the world I started at Imagem Music Publishing.

Throughout that time I worked with ESPN, Showtime, NBC, Trojan, Danon, VW, Monster.com, Crayola, and many more.

Since I had worked in both library and commercial music I then moved into a role at Comma Music who create custom music for advertising. After a brief stint at Comma my wife and I decided to move West. I worked as a music producer for Wieden Kennedy, we headed to San Diego and about 2 months later I started at Netflix.

Now I help the Netflix marketing team find and license music for all of their projects. This means anything from artist partnerships to clearing library tracks. I work on hundreds of projects a year and have learned a ton being on the other side of the music coin. I'm really excited to be at CMW and bring my experience to help all the talented musicians connect to the industry.