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Ian Lurie

President, Radio,
Stingray Radio
Toronto, ON, Canada
Ian Lurie joined Standard Radio Inc. in February 1988 as Director of Finance. Promoted to Vice President, Finance in 1995 and then to Vice President & Chief Financial Officer in June 2000. Upon Standard's acquisition by Astral Media Inc., Ian became Senior Vice President Operations and Chief Financial Officer of Astral Media Radio G.P. In September 2008, Ian was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all of Astral's English radio properties. Bell Media acquired Astral in July 2013 and Ian was appointed Senior VP English Radio Operations - a position he held until his retirement in December 2014. In July 2015, Ian came out of retirement and was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Newcap Radio. In October 2018, Stingray acquired Newcap Radio and Ian was appointed President, Radio. He is responsible for all radio broadcasting operations across Canada.

Ian received his South African C.A. in 1980 working with Arthur Young and Company, Chartered Accountants. Joined Clarkson Gordon in Toronto in 1981 and received his Canadian C.A. in 1982. Promoted to Audit Manager in 1983, working closely with Canadian Broadcasting companies. Joined Cabletel Communications Inc., a leading supplier of cable television equipment, in 1986 serving as Controller and General Manager.

Ian is currently involved in numerous industry activities, including involvement with the Canadian Association of Broadcasters, CEO Radio Council and Radio Connects.

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