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Jem Aswad

Senior Music Editor,
Variety Magazine
Jem Aswad, who launched Variety’s music section with executive music editor Shirley Halperin in April 2017, has held senior posts at Billboard, MTV News, Spin, Time Out New York and CMJ as well as Atlantic, Warner Bros. and Caroline Records and ASCAP. His writing has appeared in New York, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, the Village Voice, Esquire and many other publications.
With an encyclopedic knowledge of multiple genres of popular music and the music industry spanning from the early 1960s to the present, Aswad makes frequent appearances on major TV and radio news outlets, including CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, BBC, “Good Morning America,” “Nightline” and “CBS This Morning.” He also lectures regularly at Syracuse University's Bandier (music business) Program and New York University, and often appears as a speaker, moderator or panelist at South by Southwest, MIDEM, and other events.

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