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Matthew Fisher

Music Programmer,
CBC Music
Toronto, ON, Canada
Matt Fisher is a programmer, host, producer, writer and music curator based out of Toronto, Canada. In 2010, he signed on to join the music programming team at SiriusXM Canada, leaving behind a government job that did not fulfill his background in radio and television — or his lifelong passion for music. While at SiriusXM, Matt programmed Canadian indie rock stations The Verge and Iceberg, and hosted several weekly shows, including LiVE@TheVerge. Two years later, he moved on, beginning a job with CBC Music, a free, online streaming service and music site available to Canadians. Matt’s current role is producer of CBC Music: Sonica, an online stream and satellite radio station. Over the years he has interviewed artists from Arcade Fire to Mumford & Sons, and has curated specialty streams for brands such as Procter & Gamble, Rdio and TD. Outside of work, Matt attends more than 150 shows a year, constantly looking incredible new acts. He is also a Factor jury member and manager of local indie rock band Inlet Sound.