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Jeffery David

VP, Midwest,
Music Dealers
Chicago, IL, USA
As Vice President at Music Dealers, Jeffery David helps develop creative music solutions for advertising agencies and brands, a role for which his lifetime in the music sector has prepared him. Born and raised outside of Motown, music has led his entire life and all of his career choices, beginning with Jeffery’s days of playing in bands during his youth and his eventual move onto managing hip-hop artists and groups. That passion quickly translated into a career as he moved to California to immerse himself into the West Coast music scene, develop up-and-coming talent, and consult in creative management.

The passion for music, creativity, and helping emerging artists that Jeffery developed over his lifetime flourishes in everything he does at Music Dealers. Committed to both helping clients tell their stories to the greatest effect and to helping independent artists earn significant revenue for their music, Jeffery engrosses himself into the campaigns. From storyboard to soundboard, he lives for the perfect sync. Notable work include: McDonald's "Celebrate w/ a Bite", Kohler "Never Too Timeless", and Budweiser "Home of Goals".