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Kirby Wirchenko

Exec + Artistic Director,
Broadway Theatre
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Kirby Wirchenko is the Director at the Broadway Theatre (Saskatoon); a 450-seat auditorium that hosts 70 national/international touring acts each year. He also books and presents ~40 shows into 12 other Saskatoon venues from 150-2,000 capacity. Each year the Broadway serves +80,000 patrons, and is a thriving arts, culture and community hub.

In 2016 he co-founded “Winterruption” with the Regina Folk Festival. This mid-winter, multi-day/genre/venue festival happens in Saskatoon and Regina and yes – it gets thousands of people out of their house in late January, in Saskatchewan! Winterruption combines headliners and local talent for 25 shows in one snowy weekend.

Kirby and the Broadway have won a dozen awards from district to provincial, and are proud to be part of the larger, Canadian arts ecosystem. Organizations and venues from B.C. to Nova Scotia have sought their advice on how to be a successful, creative, healthy part of the arts/culture/entertainment industry. Kirby is a Scorpio, likes good gin and can’t wait to meet you.