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Henca Maduro

New Skool Rules Epitome Entertainment
The Netherlands
Born in the Caribbean, raised in the Netherlands Henca Maduro combines her two cultural backgrounds to look at the world a little differently. Her open personality and her passion to really get to know people led her on a road of various adventures. Henca has been a radio personality for almost 10 years and had opportunities to interview some of the most relevant artists in Urban Music like Lil’ Wayne, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Pharrell and many others, who all gave her an insight into their lives. She has also has been hosting and producing live events for almost 20 years. Working in radio and live events is how Henca developed her ear for talent, which helps her to this day. Henca’s abilities to understand the needs of Urban Youth in the Netherlands has helped her to create relevant concepts in the Music Industry to discover, develop and launch many careers of urban artists across the globe. One of the most known concepts is the biggest international urban Music Conference in the world called New Skool Rules. This 3 day international music conference/festival, held in the Netherlands takes place bi-annually. More than 1000 conference delegates share and gain knowledge, network and do business. During the 4th edition in 2015 New Skool Rules saw more than 100 performances on insde and outside stages. Big names in the urban Music Industry graced the stages at New Skool Rules like Fredro Starr (OnyX), MC Shan, LMFAO, Nico and Vinz (formerly Envy from the hit Am I wrong), R, City (Hitsong Locked away). As the creator of this and many other concepts Henca and her business partner have been heading their foundation Epitome Entertainment for the last 18 years. The main focus of this foundation is to create platforms for (urban) artists, producers, songwriters, instrumentalists, managers and other people behind the scenes, so they can develop their craft. Over the years Henca and her business partners have picked several creatives to manage. Right now Henca manages 6 creatives, 2 producers and 4 songwriters (of which 2 of them are also managed by her for their artistry). Besides creating new concepts and developing existing concepts, Henca’s daily to do list also contains setting up writing sessions, coaching the creatives on improving their product, shopping the music created by her creatives all over the world to A&R’s, synching the music for television and film and so on. Henca believes in YOUR NETWORK is YOUR NETWORTH and she learns something new everyday. You can follow Henca on twitter, snapchat and Instagram on henca14.