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Martin Hewett

Music Licensing Manager,
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
London, UK
Martin Hewett is the Music Licensing Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited based in London and heads up the licensing team within their Creative Services Group. He leads a team of music supervisors who work exclusively for PlayStation in securing the best possible music for the games, trailers and promotional videos they work on. He and his team license a diverse range of commercial music, commission bespoke linear music and interactive music for use in creative ways within each title. The innovative and award winning game titles developed by PlayStation include multimillion selling franchises such as SingStar, LittleBigPlanet, Driveclub, Tearaway, Gran Turismo, Killzone and WipEout. Last year he and the team licensed music for over 300 video trailers, licensed over 200 commercial released tracks and commissioned hundreds of minutes of composed music.