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Patrick Zulinov

Director of Sync and Artist Development,
Hyvetown Music
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A contributing member of the Vancouver Music Community for over 25 years, managing Promotions & Publicity at Sony Music (for 15 years) in addition to Music and Program Direction in radio. Recognized as creative and innovative and having a passionate interest in exploring and encouraging the incredible wealth of Canadian artists and for building and maintaining strong music industry relationships. Motivated by combining expertise in music and media to develop music at the songwriting core, educate artists, and contribute creatively and logistically to the careers of emerging talent.

Patrick now explores sync placement and licensing opportunities in TV, film, gaming, and advertising for the artists at Hyvetown Music Publishing in Vancouver (including Three Days Grace, Neon Dreams, Paul Rodgers, One Bad Son, Nathan Ferraro, Jennifer Gasoi, and others).

He’s also very involved in raising funds and awareness for music therapy programs and facilities in BC, founding and organizing the annual “Music Therapy Ride” celebrity motorcycle event from Vancouver to Whistler, and sitting on the Board of Directors for the Music Heals Charitable Foundation.