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Randy Frisch

LoveCat Music (LCM)
New York, NY, USA
Randy Frisch started LoveCat Music in 1999. Before that he was a musician and then a lawyer in the record industry. LoveCat Music is a "filmmaker friendly" music publisher, founded in 1999 with a catalog of over 7,000 songs from great artists from around the world. LoveCat specializes in licensing songs for use in films and TV shows.
Musically, LoveCat's catalog has grown and diversified into all types of popular music, including rock, hiphop, country, jazz, dance and world music. LoveCat is one of the most active Latin music publishers in the business, with writer-artists from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Ecuador. Songs from its catalog are licensed in many films including Deadpool, Lady Bird, and Split, as well as TV shows Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, The Affair, and The Sopranos.