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Hugo Larouche

Account Exec for Eastern Canada,
Stageline Mobile Stage, Inc.
L’Assomption, QC, Canada
With a bachelor in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Music (Drums and Percussion) from Concordia University, Hugo Larouche worked as a music store manager, teacher and drummer for many Montreal based bands for 10 years before becoming an Account Executive at Stageline. With over 15 years of experience dealing in the music business, Hugo has exemplary insider knowledge of his area. Since 2009, he has been focused on working primarily with festival and clients in Eastern Canada.

Founded in 1987, Stageline is the first company in the world to have designed and manufactured covered hydraulic mobile stages. Based in Quebec, Stageline employs over 140 people in two production sites. The firm revolutionized the open-air show and event industry by transforming the conventional stage into a moveable piece of equipment incorporating several types of engineering. Stageline’s mobile stages, considered the top of the line by that industry, are used for some 15,000 events a year, in 45 countries.