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Volker May

FZW Event GmbH
Dortmund, Germany
- Since ‘82 managing partner of Energie Publishing and Energie Concert GmbH.

- In ‘91 he took over the exclusive booking for Die Fantastischen Vier, one of Germany´s first and most successful German Hip Hop acts. He represented the band for more than eight years and collected several Platinum and Gold awards.

- Furthermore, he worked at the same time as a vice president for an international joint venture. The company was founded in Poland and started to run a commercial radio network in five major cities.

- In 2002, he was appointed as a manager for MUNDSTUHL. A trash comedy act signed to Sony Music Germany and MUNDSTUHL sold more than 600.000 units of their records.

- In 2004, he was one of the founding members of MMF (Music Managers Forum) Germany.

- 2005 he was appointed as a Vice Chairman Europe of the IMMF. The International Music Managers Forum is the umbrella organization of 18 independent national member organizations.

- 2006 he started to work as a booker for the metal gothic act KRYPTERIA.

- 2007 KRYPTERIA performed on major festivals in seven countries.

- 2008 he was appointed as a management board member of the IMUC an association for music managers and consultants in Germany. On behalf of the city of Dortmund he worked as a consultant for the new building of the FZW, two venues under one roof with a capacity of 1.300 and 300 persons.

- 2009 he was appointed as Head of Booking and Events of the FZW.

- 2011 he became a Managing Partner of the FZW Event GmbH. The company promotes and organizes round about 220 shows per year in the venue.

- 2012 he booked an Asia tour for KRYPTERIA including shows in South Korea and China, panelist at Moshito Music Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa and at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg.

- 2013 he stimulated managers in Spain, Estonia, Ghana , Zimbabwe and Latin America to found independent manager associations in their countries under the IMMF umbrella. He was appointed to be a member of the Reperbahn Festival Advisory Board and was booked as a panelist in conferences in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Columbia, South Africa and Germany.

- 2014 he was elected as the IMMF Vice Chair.

Till today Volker May was responsible to book and organize more than 3.000 live shows throughout Europe, Asia and America.

As the Vice Chair Europe of the IMMF, he wrote a statement to the green paper of the European Commission “ Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries” which was signed and backed by 18 independent national IMMF organizations.