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Craig Goldschmidt

Director, Marketing Services,
Artist Arena
New York, NY, USA
Craig is a music fan first and foremost and loves being the one friends come to for new music. Connecting artists to their fans has been where he’s focused the majority of his career. Currently as the Director of Marketing Services at Artist Arena, he strives to do just that.

Artist Arena is the global expert for direct-to-fan and e-commerce strategy and implementation. We work together with our artists and brands to create thoughtful, custom products and experiences that develop their most valuable asset: a loyal community of connected and committed fans. From fan club ticket presales and exclusive meet and greet packages, to invitation on sales and unique merch, we’re able to provide the artist with every tool needed to be accessible to their fans.

Prior to Artist Arena, Craig has worked with top music instrument companies, labels, radio stations, and brands to engage and build fan bases in digital and physical spaces.