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John McAfee

John McAfee
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Former software entrepreneur John McAfee might be best known in Silicon Valley as the founder of McAfee Associates, a computer antivirus company he jump-started in 1987. He left the company in 1994.

McAfee was born in the UK and raised in Salem, Virginia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Roanoke College, which he received in 1967. His first job after college was as a programmer for NASA’s Institute for Space Studies in New York, at the height of the Apollo program. He also worked at Univac as a software designer and at Xerox as an operating system architect.

It was at Lockheed Corporation that McAfee first encountered a computer virus, known as the Pakistani Brain virus. He began immediately to develop software to combat it, a side venture which eventually would become McAfee Associates.

McAfee also founded Tribal Voice, which developed PowWow, one of the first instant messaging programs and pioneered the first voice recognition software.

In 2000, John McAfee invested in and joined the board of directors of Zone Labs, makers of firewall software, prior to its acquisition by Check Point Software in 2003

McAfee teaches yoga and has written several books on the subject, i addition McAfee turned his passion for aviation by creating Aerotrecking , an air sport involving low-altitude flying in a weight shift control ultra light or light sport aircraft.

In February 2010, McAfee started a new venture in the field of bacterial quorum sensing. His company QuorumEx had its headquarters in Belize and was working towards producing commercial all natural antibiotics based on anti-quorum sensing technology.

As of January 2013 McAfee has been living in the United States. He is currently working in association with Canadian company Impact Future Media (www.impfm.com ) and Producer / Founder Francois Garcia on an autobiography, a feature documentary , a television series (hosted by McAfee) and a feature film (Biopic) entitled Running in the Background.

Unexpectedly on September 2013 Tech Week Europe readers voted McAfee to head up as CEO the world’s leading software company and business technology leader Microsoft with a 7.5 percent advantage over Bill Gates.

The Same week at the C2SV Silicon Valley conference McAfee announced his new venture Future Tense Central (www.futuretensecentral.com ), a technology Hub / Incubator currently developing its first technology device " D-Central " a gadget for smart phones, tablets and other devices that will create a decentralized floating and moving local network that can't be penetrated by any government spy agencies or hackers.

McAfee was recently labelled by Silicon Valley Metro "Unconventional , Risk Taking, Visionary, Sometimes Crazy, The spirit of Silicon Valley "

You can follow McAfee on his Blog www.whoismcafee.com , Via Twitter @officialmcafee , via facebook.com/officialmcafee or youtube.com/user/officialjohnmcafee