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Steve Gottlieb

Shindig Inc.
New York, NY, USA
Steve Gottlieb is the Founder and CEO of Shindig, a patented new video chat technology that enables large scale interactive events. Shindig participants can see and be seen in a shared environment accommodating thousands. They can move freely in and out of conversation with whomever they chose and at the same time enjoy a talk, presentation or interview with their favorite author, artist, politician or actor, with the possibility of being called on to share the stage with them. Still in Beta, over 200 best selling authors have already embraced Shindig for Video Chat Book Tours.

Gottlieb rose to prominence with the founding of one of the most successful independent record labels in history with TVTRecords. TVT released over 25 gold, platinum or multi-platinum albums and launched the careers of such artists as Nine Inch Nails, Sevendust, Ja Rule, Brian Jonestown, Lil Jon, and Pitbull. In addition, Gottlieb also oversaw TVT Music Publishing home of many top charting hits for Usher, Beyonce, Pink, Justin Timberlake and others. He was a founding Board member of the American Association of Independent Music, the 7 year old organization that now represents the interest of some 300 independent labels.

In the tech space, Gottlieb has been an active angel investor and has served as advisor and consultant to a number of music tech entities including Musicmatch, Napster and Tune Up Media. With Shindig, he aims to redefine the state of the art of online engagement in a multitude of verticals from online promotional events, conferences, nightclubs, business meetings, games and distance learning.

Shindig Company Description:

Shindig is a revolutionary platform for large-scale video chat events. Our technology enables artists, DJs, and hosts to create video chat events with all the dynamics of physical events at Internet scale. Shindig events ignite word of mouth amongst an entertainer's most ardent fans and deepens the audience`s sense of community. This VIP access offers substantial new opportunities for monetization while also producing a low-cost video archive with significant follow value. It also segues naturally to paid events, webinars and musical panels. Already embraced by hundreds of best-selling authors, DJs, and musicians, Shindig is pioneering the next generation of online engagement.