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Gavin McGarry

Jumpwire Media
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Before founding social media agency Jumpwire Media in 2009, Gavin worked for Skype funded webvideo start up Joost and he was the Head of Cross Platform Business Development at global media company Endemol. He has worked in the radio space for over 20 years.

Jumpwire Media specializes in social media for media brands. The company has built over 30 social media ecosystems for many of the largest media companies in the world. Jumpwire clients include: WBLS NYC, Riviera Broadcast Group, Virgin Radio, Corus Radio, Starz, Sony, Yahoo, BBC, Toronto Star, etc.

Gavin has been working in media space for over 25 years. He has lived in Japan, Africa, and Europe exploring and understanding the global digital space.

He is invited to speak at media industry conferences around the world including: MIPCOM, International Institute of Communications, Harvard Business Club of New York, etc.

He is an avid cyclist, surfer, skier, and soccer player. He lives in Los Angeles.