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Armine Saidi

V.P. of Business Development, Musigram,
San Francisco/Montreal, CA/QC, USA/Canada
Armine Saidi brings more than fifteen years of technology and music business driven leadership to Musigram, including extensive experience in e-commerce, mobile and in the entertainment sector. Before joining Musigram as its V.P. of Business Development, Armine was the founder of Neken Inc, the IT-firm behind ww.viinyl.com, the popular marketing, promotional and e-commerce platform for the entertainment industry.

Musigram - Say it with music.

Musigram is a service that will change the way people communicate with each other. It's a new way to message.

You can create and share the soundtrack of your life with Musigram. Musigram sets the tone for your messages by mixing personal voice-memos with your favorite songs, making messages more powerful and engaging. In seconds you can select a song, record a message, and share with friends, family or your entire social network.

Use a musical invite to get your next party started right, or let your favorite crooners help you tell your sweetheart how much you love them. Musigram adds new fun to messages quickly and easily to ensure your messages always hit the right note.

Musigram uses an in-app purchase model. Users can download the app for free, with free songs for them to try out the Musigram experience. Additional popular and hit songs are available as in-app purchases for 0.99.