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Thorhallur Jonsson

Crunchy Frog/Crunchy Tunes Publishing
Copenhagen, Denmark
Thorhallur has been working with music for over 20 years, starting off as a sales person in Reykjavik Record stores to later being manager for over 10 years in several Record stores . Worked for 12 Tónar Record store and Label in Copenhagen Denmark until starting at Crunchy Frog in 2008.

Crunchy Frog Recordings is one of the leading Independant record labels in Scandinavia. Founded in 1994 in Copenhagen - Denmark by members of the Indie Band Thau to release they´re own music and later the home of great bands such as Raveonettes, Junior Senior, Superheroes, Powersolo and so much more. Crunchy Frog has three bands playing at this years CMW, Danish Rock band Thee Attacks who visit CMW for second year running , Psych rocking Debutants Shiny Darkly also from Denmark and The legendary Apparat Organ Quartet from Reykjavik Iceland.