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Mitch Rubin

Global Head, Music Publishing Business Affairs, Smart Devices/ Entertainment,
Microsoft Mobile Oy
New York, NY, USA
Mitch Rubin currently serves as Global Head, Music Publishing Business Affairs for Microsoft Mobile Oy (formerly Nokia) where he develops strategies, negotiates, and executes licensing agreements with composition rights holders, and other third parties, for Microsoft Mobile Oy’s global music services. Since 2008, he has successfully navigated the complex challenges of licensing composition rights both in the United States and overseas for Comes With Music, A La Carte, and Mix Radio music products in more than thirty countries.

Following a brief (and rather undistinguished) stint as a commercial radio disc jockey, Mr. Rubin received his MBA from Stanford University. After graduating in 1990, he began his career on the business side of music with BMG Music Publishing. While at BMG, he held various management positions in the United States and United Kingdom, including Director, International & Business Development and Acting General Manager of BMG Music Publishing International. During this time, he signed dozens of writers and catalogs including Neil Young, Slayer, and Malaco Music. He also engineered BMG’s entry into the production music library space – a line of business that ultimately grew to be the largest in the world.

In 1995 Mr. Rubin was promoted to Managing Director, BMG Music Publishing Australia, charged with turning around the historically unprofitable operation. Under his leadership, the company turned a profit after one year, grew revenue five-fold, and increased profit margin each year. While in Australia, he signed several gold and platinum artist/writers including Shane Nicholson, Ben Lee, and Michelle Tumes. Prior to joining Nokia, Mr. Rubin acted as a consultant to content-based businesses including Shout-Factory, The Fabric Group, Amp’d Mobile, and LEK Consulting. He also oversaw the start-up and sale of Players’ Edge, an online athletic training enterprise. Mr. Rubin is a frequent panelist on licensing issues surrounding international composition rights at various music, entertainment, and technology conferences.