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Andy Malt

Editor, CMU,
Unlimited Media/CMU
London, UK
Andy Malt became editor of CMU in 2009, having joined the company in 2007. Leading the title ever since, he has overseen the expansion of both the CMU Daily and the CMU website, as well as the launch of CMU Premium and the CMU Podcast. As part of the CMU team, he is also an advisor on the programming of CMU Insights @ The Great Escape.

Prior to joining CMU, Andy spent a decade in various guises in the music industry. He kicked off what was to become his career with a fanzine, Indigo Flow, while still at school, moving the operation online while mainstream internet use was still in its infancy. He then spent years unsuccessfully trying to think of a better name for it before celebrating its tenth anniversary by shutting it down. After leaving university, he launched an independent record label, Human Recordings, and enjoyed a brief stint as a roadie.

He also works as a freelance writer and copywriter for various music and tech companies and publications, and regularly provides independent comment on music and the music industry for outlets including Sky News, Wired, Digital Music Trends and BBC 6music.