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Rob Graham

EON Media Group
Singapore, Singapore
Rob hails from Melbourne, Australia, and is CEO & MD of the EON Media Group which focuses on the businesses of music in the media & entertainment industries and radio primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

He has spent nearly 20 years living in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia, mainly working for WPP-owned and media agencies.

In 2005, after a 20+ year career in advertising culminating as a regional CEO in Southeast Asia, Rob entered the radio industry when he created and co-founded Vietnam’s first national commercial contemporary music FM radio channel, XONE FM. At the time in Vietnam “Western-style programmed” commercial radio was Unknown. In its first year, XONE FM built a massive national average audience of over 10 million, with most being under 30-years of age. In his capacity of Director of Programming & Music, Rob introduced the Vietnamese audience to breakthrough international artists such as Muse, Gorilaz, Lil’Wayne, Pink and the like who had never enjoyed Vietnamese airtime before.

Rob is also former Managing Director of Virgin Radio and the Hitz FM, Easy FM and 105FM stations in Thailand. He was Co-Founder and Curator of LoretoFest, Vietnam’s largest music festival.

With his EON Media Group, Rob works with various media organizations in Australia, North America, the UK and Asia as well as developing and licensing various pan-Asian television projects. A subsidiary, EON Syndicated Media, has established itself as Asia’s first dedicated radio syndication and content production agency, creating and producing Asia Pop 40, Asia’s first syndicated pan-Asian pop music chart show.

Rob is also a regular panel moderator at radio and music conferences around the world and more recently has been appointed International Editor of Radio for A&R Worldwide’s One Movement For Music magazine, a highly-respected industry journal reaching over 100,000 music and media executives worldwide.

And in 2012, he was nominated by the Worldwide Radio Industry Awards in Hollywood, California as Best International Radio Consultant.

Given his management and creative background, Rob is unique in the Asian media management landscape.