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Glenn Purkis

Product Manager, Xbox LIVE,
Toronto, ON, Canada
Glenn Purkis is product marketing lead for Xbox LIVE at Microsoft Canada. He has been helping to drive the growth of the Xbox LIVE subscriber base, now over 35 million globally, and the expansion of digital distribution of games and entertainment on the platform. More recently, Xbox LIVE has launched video streaming with Kinect integration for voice and gesture control, with key international partners like Netflix, YouTube, and Sony Pictures, as well as local Canadian partners like Rogers, Astral and Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment. Microsoft is championing Social TV by bringing together video streaming with the largest social network on television - Xbox LIVE on Xbox 360.

Glenn has almost 20 years of experience in television distribution and broadcast marketing in Canada, having worked for the Television Bureau of Canada, CBC English Television, Shaw Direct and Bell TV; and is now directly involved in the launch of television services on Xbox LIVE in Canada.

Glenn earned a Bachelor of Administrative Studies with an Honours in Marketing from York University and lives in the downtown Toronto area.