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Damian Abraham

The Much MTV Group
Toronto, ON, Canada
Damian Abraham has an irrefutable passion for music. From the front lines of the stage to behind-the-scenes at the studio, Toronto’s own Damian Abraham is a welcome addition to MuchMusic as the new host of THE WEDGE. Damian is best known as lead singer of the Polaris Prize winning band Fucked Up, and this music junkie has recorded well over 50 records with various bands over the years. Damian’s musical knowledge is so vast that he is commonly referred to as a music encyclopedia.

Damian divides his time juggling a family, including a two-year-old son, touring the world with Fucked Up, and various side projects, all while delivering the latest on the indie scene on THE WEDGE every Wednesday night. An artistic soul, Damian is an avid drawer, and has held two gallery shows. He is also working on his second issue of his zine, Killer Man.

With one of the most impressive record collections around, including 7,000,
7 inch records and 5,000 LPs, Damian is an undisputed music scholar. Putting on concerts and records for other bands, emceeing for NXNE, and a seven year stint as host of a punk/alternative radio show on CIUT called Mods ‘n’ Rockers are just some of the impressive notches on his belt. Damian was also offered a stint as a FOX News correspondent on the overnight series, RED EYE, but doesn’t think he would ever be invited back…

Two years ago at the Coachella music festival, Damian made headlines for his violent on-stage antics which he explains as “just part of hardcore – not stabbing and murdering – but moshing and bravado… it’s part of the experience.” When Damian isn’t commanding the stage with his undeniable presence, he also enjoys watching pro-wrestling, reading books on exploitation movies and equity studies, a topic Damian is familiar with having studied Women’s Studies at the University of Toronto.

Follow Damian on Twitter @leftfordamian
For more on THE WEDGE, visit muchmusic.com/thewedge