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Pedro Seiler

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Queremos is a crowdfunding company that begun bringing to Rio international bands that were coming to play in Brazil but not Rio. We started a movement online that tried to raise the amount of money that we needed to bring Miike Snow ( a Swedish band) to play here. It worked so well that after over one year we brought to Rio more than 20 international bands. Our system works like this: We start a campaign to raise the amount of money needed to bring the band to Rio. This cost is divided by units and each person who buys a unit have a refundable ticket. Once all this units are sold, the show is confirmed an the normal ticket sales begin. While this tickets are being sold, we start to refund the first buyers (the refundable tickets). So this first buyer has a possibility to watch the show for free depending on how many normal tickets are sold. On this 22 shows, 10 of them the first buyers watched the show for free and on the other, they paid the same amount or less than the normal tickets. We believe we are a financial and marketing tool. We finance the concert but also divide the the risk between the first buyers who became marketers of the concert through social media websites to have the chance to get their money back. Queremos Started for shows but we have the urge to spread this idea for different areas.