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Rahul Powar

MPME - Appsmart
London, UK
Rahul founded Apsmart in 2009 with investment from DN Capital. He has always been a technologist; the combination of his skills and a restless passion for mobile, technology in general and any interesting challenges he comes across, led him to start this venture.

He used to be technical architect at Method, a design consultancy where he had the opportunity to develop his business, branding and interactive design skills.

Prior to Method, he was one of the first people through the door at Shazam. There he had the opportunity to write Shazam’s cluster infrastructure, its sourcing infrastructure and work on that magic piece of software that identifies music. As technical architect, he shaped Shazam and enabled its technology openness and web / mobile integration across all the platforms and volume it supports today. Before the launch of the iTunes AppStore, he envisioned and wrote the first Shazam iPhone application, an App that was featured in the store on the Appstore’s launch date in most territories.