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Jeff Leiper

Director, Strategic Policy,
CRTC - Gatineau
Gatineau, QC, Canada
Jeff Leiper is currently Director of Strategic Policy at the CRTC. In this capacity, he is charged with helping the CRTC understand the effect of convergence on the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications industries. He has contributed to the development of broadcasting policies that are adapted to an environment of greater consumer access to media content. He has also co-authored two editions of the CRTC’s Navigating Convergence, which provide a forward-looking perspective on the key trends in the communications industry, as well as other strategic outlook documents. Prior to joining the CRTC in 2007, Mr. Leiper served as Director of Canadian Market Strategies at Boston-based Yankee Group, where he helped clients understand the implications of technological change for consumer products and services. He has also worked extensively as a journalist in the communications trade press, focusing on regulatory issues in new media, telecommunications and wireless.