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Oliver Knust

Discos Rio Bueno
Oliver Knust, is a Chilean promoter, manager and music video director. Recognized as one of the most innovative promoter/manager in Chile, he re-introduced the vinyl format and changed the Chilean indie scene producing 10 LP records for the most renowned artists from the acclaimed new indie breed such as Astro, Gepe and Pedropiedra.

Oliver is the founder and director of the indie label and booking agency Discos Río Bueno, the label responsible for the internationalization of some of the best Chilean artists profiled.

Producer of the concert agendas for the most important film festivals in Chile, such as In-Edit and Festival Internacional de Cine Valdivia (FICV), Oliver is also the booker of the well known live rock bar in Santiago, Bar Loreto.

He has worked as a manager and booker with bands such as Astro, Perrosky, The Ganjas, Protistas, Como Asesinar a Felipes, Bahía Inútil, Pedropiedra and Fernando Milagros.

Founding member of the recently created cluster "Independent Music Industry Chile (IMI Chile)", Oliver is considered as an engine of change and innovation in Chilean music scene.