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Nuno Saraiva

SCL Management / PAD Artist Collective
Alcochete, Portugal
Nuno Saravia is the founder of the SCL AGENCY as well as the new Independent Label Association in Portugal, the AMAEI. He manages MAZGANI and Peixe : Avião, whose members founded the PAD Artist Collective. NUNO SARAIVA is also a member of the Portuguese Agents' Association musicaPT as well as Network Europe, the European Booking Agents' Association.

SCL Agency is a music management and consultancy company based in Lisbon, Portugal. Within the SCL company structure there are also the PAD Artist Collective and Fabulous Generation agencies. We consult on the European international development of artists like Maya Solovéy (US) and Frankie Chavez (PT), and manage Mazgani (PT), all of which are performing at this year's CMW. SCL is also a partner in the new LA MAQUINA agency.