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Ted Wright

Founder & CEO,
Decatur, GA, USA
As the founder and CEO of Fizz, Ted Wright has been at the forefront of word of mouth marketing since he helped re-ignite the Pabst Blue Ribbon brand in 2000. Ted leads his team of word of mouth marketing professionals from Fizz’s offices in Atlanta. Ted is most proud of his team’s ability to consistently deliver triple digit ROI on its clients’ marketing investments.
Over the last decade, Fizz has become a global leader in word of mouth marketing with clients on every continent in all major categories. Enjoying the status of “go to” agency for successful CMOs, Ted and his team at Fizz have been honored for their work with a variety of awards, including a Clios, Effies and Wommies.
An alumnus of Booz Allen & Hamilton, Ted also holds an MBA with honors from The University of Chicago, enjoys excellent bourbon and drives too fast.