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Daniel R. Odio

Socialize Inc.
San Francisco, CA, USA
Daniel R. Odio is CEO and co-founder of Socialize, Inc (previously PointAbout, Inc.).

Socialize Maps the Interest Graph. Socialize believes that a person’s interests are more meaningful than who they are, and gives the world a way to navigate those interests. How many people do you never connect with because you don’t realize what interests you share?

Previously, Socialize created AppMakr, the largest Do It Yourself mobile app creation platform for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps. AppMakr is used by brands like PBS, Newsweek, PGA TOUR, Harvard Business Review, US Congress, MacLife, Accenture and thousands of others. Over 1% of all apps in the world were created using AppMakr.

Before Socialize, Daniel leveraged technology in other industries, earning his Series 22 & 63 securities licenses and real estate broker’s license to start Cardéa Commercial Real Estate Advisors, a commercial real estate brokerage specializing in using technology to execute tax-efficient real estate investments, and DROdio Real Estate, Inc, a progressive residential real estate brokerage. Daniel also served on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Association of REALTORS. His technology and real estate endeavors were featured on the cover of the The Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace section in July 2004.

Prior to real estate, Daniel was the VP, Sales of AcceleratedServers, a Beowulf supercomputing cluster company whose customers included the Department of Defense and Paramount Pictures.

Daniel has been featured on CNN, CNBC, TLC, Forbes, BBC and many other publications for his innovative use of technology in industries ranging from real estate to computer servers and mobile phones.

Daniel was a member of General Electric’s Technical Leadership Program. Daniel worked for GE in Latin America, including Brazil and Argentina. Daniel graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce, speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and resides in San Francisco, CA with his wife.

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Follow Daniel on Twitter: @drodio