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Dave Videka

Rooftop Agency
Toronto, ON, Canada
Dave spent his first 7 years at Universal Music. He oversaw a portfolio including radio, digital marketing, downloads, partnerships/sponsorships, content, and the lifestyle/street team. From there he was a Brand Manager for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Alexisonfire, Rise Against, Rob Zombie, Jimmy Eat World and dozens of Independent Canadian labels & artists.

In 2010 he officially launched Rooftop Agency, a Lifestyle company specializing in consumer profiling, lifestyle integration, content development, experiential, partnerships, synergies, and integrated advertising/influencers (WB Movies, Volkswagen, Tito’s, autoTRADER...).

Today, Dave also uses his platform to educate/consult brands & companies on how to Speak With Their Consumers vs. At Them. This includes relooking at how they engage and use new platforms such as content aggregation, influencers integration, and real-life communication.