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Nicole Rochefort

AIM: Artists In Motion
Toronto, ON, Canada
Nicole Rochefort has been contributing to the Canadian performing arts industry since 2000. Her past experience includes production assistance, stage management, and artist development. Formerly an agent with LiveTourArtists, Nicole represented Canadian recording artists of various musical genres, as well as corporate clients for special event bookings. In 2008 Nicole joined the prestigious boutique theatre agency Kids’ Entertainment and toured internationally recognized theatre companies within the US market. In 2010 she established AIM: Artists In Motion.

Nicole is an instructor at The Harris Institute, Chair of the Durham College Music Business Management Advisory Committee, member of the Ontario Creates Music Industry Advisory Committee and is a former director of the Board for Folk Music Ontario. She has participated in a variety of industry association juries and is a regularly requested panelist at seminars, conferences and events. Nicole is passionate about artist development and strives to educate, encourage and energize artists to achieve their professional goals and aspirations.