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Adam Hunt

SVP, Entertainment,
Toronto, ON, Canada
Adam joined the YANGAROO team after graduating from the University of Windsor in 2003 to help labels and radio transition from CD based music servicing to the DMDS platform. Since then he’s been involved with driving the growth and of digital promotion deliveries to radio and television broadcasters in the US and Canada. Virtually every new track aired on radio in Canada and many in the US are delivered via DMDS, and most music videos aired on TV in North America are delivered digitally via YANGAROO’s service. In addition, he has been instrumental in the adoption of YANGAROO’s Awards Management platform, which now digitally streamlines submissions/entries, and voting/balloting for some of the entertainment industry’s biggest and most prestigious award shows including The JUNOS, The GRAMMYS, The Academy of Country Music Awards, Golden Globes, The EMMY Awards, BET Awards, Tony Awards, and many more. In 2017 Adam was promoted to SVP, Entertainment and now responsible for leading YANGAROO’s Music and Awards division.