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Antonis Karydis

Founder and CTO,
Mativision LLC
Athens, GR, Greece
Antonis Karydis has a BSc in Electronic Engineering (University of Sussex, UK) and an MSc, in Flight Control Systems (Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK). He has lectured on Digital Image Processing, Processing of Medical Images, Audiovisual Content Production Technologies and Digital Audio Processing at University level and is the CEO of TechNETropia Ltd.
He is the inventor of the patented MATIvision©™ (http://www.mativision.tv), the revolutionary Interactive Spherical Video Technology, which already changes the way we all watch events on the Internet (and now also on iOS devices) adding the one missing ingredient: Real viewer INTERACTIVITY.
With MATIvision©™, you feel as close as possible to really being present in the event. While watching an event on the Internet, YOU choose what to watch and the position from which you want to watch it. You choose from a number of camera positions, you can rotate your view to focus on the action that YOU want, you zoom-in/out as you choose, with total freedom and full control, simply by using your mouse! Then, you can go back and watch it from another angle, again with total freedom and full control.

MATIvision©™ turns any live or recorded event into a unique on-line interactive experience. In addition, it enables the Music Industry to offer unique and innovative interactive services to fans harnessing the real power of the Internet: Embed sponsor and advertising content, hot-spots/breakout points to e-ticketing and Virtual-Concerts, e-purchases of merchandise, re-direction to band/artist/event web-sites, e-commerce sites, hyper-texts. The possibilities for totally new revenue generation are limitless.
Top global customers, artists and Festivals are already exploiting MATIvision©™ to secure extended fan engagement and commitment in addition to secure revenue making.

The UNIQUE MatiApp®™ is the first application that brings multi-vantage point interactive watching of music events with true spherical video. The MatiApp opens a totally new and secure opportunity for the generation of independent revenue streams exploiting the hottest platforms of our times: Mobile Devices.

With an impressive portfolio of international class projects lined up for 2012, we are now looking to meet with forward looking participants, showcase our impressive technology, present the unique ways our customers can immensely benefit from using MATIvision and build new relationships.